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Freser has all solutions to your demands for ice makers.
If your outlet has no space for a larger ice maker then the 7CI100A is your best choice.  Completely self contained, the 7CI100A can be placed directly on counter tops or in serving areas.  Despite its exquisite shape, the bin capability can reach as high as 7lbs, and the quality of ice is the same as other large-scale models. 
Production 298 lb / 24hr
ICE Chewblet
Bin Capacity 11 lb
Electrical 110Vor220V/60Hz/1ph
Total Amps 110V 6.8A / 220V 3.4A
Condenser Air
Refrigerant R134a
Weight 86.2 kg
Mach. Dim. W390xD663xH874mm