Combi Steamer
Holding Cabinet


The development of technology has made catering equipment more user-friendly than ever before. Freser represents world-known brands which allow even new recruits in the kitchen to prepare delicacies with "one touch" cooking.
The Combi-steamer is used to roast, bake, fry, steam, stew, and boil a wide range of preparations.  A Combi-steamer is equal to a few traditional kitchen wares allowing you to replace several appliances with one high tech solution.  Programmed cooking menus reduce the complicated cooking procedures into a single step at the push of a button.  Simply combine the ingredients, select the menu on the front panel, and our steamer will do the rest and provide you with delicious and delicate meals every time. The Freser Combi-steamer also saves you time on cleaning as well as cooking with an automatic cleaning system that makes routine cleaning easier.
Capacity 20 trays GN2/1
Capacity of Meals 600-900
Total Amps 91A
Steam Generation Injection or Boiler
Temperature 30 ~ 300
Voltage 3NAC380V-60HZ
Total Power 59.4 kW
Dimensions W116xD100xH185cm
B611+B1011 Tower solutions
Tower solutions. The accessories covers additional charge for components (stand, stainless steel cover between combi ovens) which allow to build a tower.
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