Combi Steamer
Holding Cabinet


To better arrange your time and work in kitchen, you need a holding cabinet. A professional holding cabinet knows how to keep cooked food fresh in its color, texture and aroma. 
The CVap patent pending holding cabinets can precisely control the moisture content of the food by a hot air and moisture dual heating system to keep food fresh and tasty after they are cooked. Even crispy foods can maintain their texture. The stainless steel cabinet is easy to maintain and guarantees the sanitation and quality of prepared food. Our cabinets are equipped with casters for easy transport from the kitchen to the serving area.  It is no doubt that Freser holding cabinets are the best aid in the kitchen for hotels, OSRs, schools, hospitals and catering centers.
Capacity 28xSTP or 14x2/1GN
Temperature 32~82℃
Electrical 220V
Power 1.9kW
Dimensions W701x D925x H1861mm
Capacity 28xSTP or 14x2/1GN
Temperature 32~82℃
Electrical 220V
Power 1.8kW
Dimensions W696x D867x H1861mm
Capacity 640L or 14x2/1GN
Temperature +1~+4℃
Electrical 220V
Power 0.57kW
Dimensions W698x D870x H2037mm
Dimensions W600xD600xH820mm
Washingprograms(seconds) 60” / 90” / 180”
Boiler capacity 7L
Tank capacity 25L
Boiler heating 2.8Kw
Tank heating 2.8Kw
Electrical 220VAC / 60Hz
Total power 3.4Kw