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Hydrogen Ozone System
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Food safety and sanitation are two key points for modern catering. Freser represents the innovative Hydrogen Ozone System which is the best solution for your food sanitation needs.
Ozone is the best disinfectant in nature. It can quickly kill E-coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, and other bacteria. Different from chlorine and other chemicals, ozone won't leave hazardous residue and thus pollute the environment. Biolux patented electrolytic ozone generator technology creates high concentration ozonated water by electrolyzing pure water. Unlike other ozone generators, Biolux products have no NOx by-products and fully comply with OSHA safety standards.
The design of Hydrogen Ozone System emphasizes on user-friendliness. The strength of ozone and the amount of water discharge are easily customizable. The hands free motion sensor activation prevents cross contamination and leaves you free to do preparation and cleaning.
Our Hydrogen Ozone System will help guarantee sanitation for your kitchen.
Hydrogen water flow 90L/hr(1.5L/mins)
Ozonated water flow 180L/hr(3L/mins)
Hydrogen water concentration 1.1~1.2 ppm
Ozonated water concentration 1.0~4.0 ppm
ORP -588~-518mv/ph7.5±0.5/23±3℃
Water Water(Conductivity<500u S/cm),ph 6~8 neutral
Input waterPressure 1 ~ 7 Kg/cm2
Temperature 5~30℃
Power 100~240V/1PH/50,60Hz
Watt 30-45W
Dimensions W300xD165xH400mm
Net weight 7.5Kg(Full water 9.5Kg)